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Gailey Legal Group is York, PA’s premier personal injury firm, with years of civil litigation experience in cases involving personal injury and wrongful death.

Since the firm started in 1999, one-on-one legal care, marked by  the full, personal attention of Attorney Herm Gailey himself, has been the heart our relationship with each of our clients.

His experience and that of our staff means we are much more likely to win your case if it goes to trial.  In fact that track record at trial – and Herm’s willingness to try cases – means that insurers make us better settlement offers.

But it’s essential that Herm gets on the case as quickly as possible.  The sooner he is involved, the sooner he can take care of the details, saving you time, money and headaches down the road.

Consultation is FREE.  So don’t spend another moment without our help.  Take the first step now by calling or emailing us.  We’re here to help.

Areas of Practice

Personal Injury

Herm Gailey has devoted his entire practice exclusively to supporting people like you. And those decades of experience can make every difference in the successful resolution of your case. His intimate understanding of the insurance claim process, coupled with his knowledge and his command of the court room, put you in good stead, whether the claim is negotiated to a full settlement or goes to a formal jury trial. READ MORE

Auto Accidents

Involved in an automobile accident? Gailey Legal Group is the advocate you need. We will help you deal with the insurance companies, answer your questions and leave no stone unturned in taking care of the critical details that can make all the difference in a crisis. And we'll stand by you every step of the way. READ MORE

Motorcycle Accidents

If you or a loved one has been in a motorcycle accident, you need experienced representation now. Immediate investigation is essential in establishing credible, accurate proof of the other driver's fault. Plus, motorcycle insurance policies rarely provide medical benefits, so other sources for payment of medical bills must be found. READ MORE

Workers’ Comp

As if your on-the-job injury isn't bad enough, now you're struggling with Workers' Comp. While not an area of focus, Gailey Legal Group will gladly help evaluate your claim and guide you in the right direction. READ MORE

Social Security Disability

The Social Security maze can be overwhelming, If you're having difficulties with Social Security Disability, we can assist you in finding the representation you need. READ MORE

Wrongful Death

The only thing worse than losing a loved one is losing a loved one due to someone else's negligence. If you have lost a loved one under such circumstances, call us. Wrongful death cases are often complex, so it is vital that we get involved as quickly as possible. READ MORE